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As our company name shows, Saitenmarkt.com is specialized in guitar strings and strings for all kind of other instruments.

The guitar is a very versatile instrument, so you’ll have to look for strings that fit your instrument – and you’ll find them here! As a musician you are also in need of further accessories for your mate (your instrument).

Strings have to be changed regularly, and miscellaneous accessories and spare parts, like cables and plugs, batteries, guitar tuners or guitar picks have to be checked and renewed if necessary.

But our product range doesn’t end with guitar strings and guitar accessories for the playing musician, we are also caring about stage technics for your successful gig.

You’ll have to tune your instrument before and in between every show, and before the show you have to write a check list for all the stage technics you need (event technology).

Strings: electric guitar strings, bass guitar strings, folk guitar and nylon guitar strings

An electric (solid body) guitar needs total different strings as a folk guitar or let’s say a banjo, which also belongs to the family of guitars. And we care that you get the right strings for mandoline, violin, and also a double bass, even when they are equipped with electric transducers. Even with rarely instruments like the ukulele you can look around in our webshop and you will find exactly the right strings for your needs.

Guitar accessories: guitar capos, guitar picks, guitar straps, cables and plugs, tuners and metronomes

Stringed instruments do not live only on their strings. Especially for the guitar, you need further accessories. It takes accessories like effect pedals, capo, guitar straps and guitar picks.

These are the things you already need for your daily practice but equipment like cable and plugs (e.g. Klotz, Planet Waves, Elixir), music stands, guitar cases or a gigbag will be more important if the first gigs are in sight.

Saitenmarkt offers not only accessories for guitar also for other instruments. Tuners and metronomes can be used for any other instrument just like pickups and microphones for the first gigs and recordings.

Stage technology and audio technology

The event technology represents another big part in our shop. Not every musician needs own stage technology; this is most the organizers part.

The musician just makes sure that they have their cable and plugs with them that the instruments can be connected with the amplifier or to the mixer.

Audio technology is a lot more important if you want to have a successful gig – already for gigs in front of a small audience you need such equipment.

Saitenmarkt directs not only to musicians also to event organizers and all professionals that prepare a room for a gig or working on-stage.

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GHS Guitar Boomers Single Strings

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Ernie Ball Slinky Single Strings

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D'Addario Single Strings Plain

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