Klotz LAPP0300 La Grange Gitarrenkabel 3.0 Meter

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Mehrfach prämiertes Gitarrenkabel Klotz La Grange, 3 Meter Länge, gerade Stecker.

T h e W i n n e r...
„49 Guitar Cables - Fight Club“ - Winners Circle, Guitar Player Magazine, May 2008
„With its midrange zing and abundant low-end, the La Grange is a muscular-sounding cable that melds clarity and string-to-string detail with an impressive punch.“

Guitar Player Editors Pick Award, Guitar Player Magazine, October 2003
“We tested the 10‘ LaGrange model (...) with a variety of guitars and amps, and found it to be one of the clearest and most coherent sounding cables we´ve ever tried - not surprising considering it´s low total capacitance (cable and connectors). Notes spring from the speakers sounding focused and aligned, and the note detail and top-to-bottom balance is extraordinary. The LaGrange even brings out a little extra beefiness in the low-end - which is truly the mark of a cable that´s revealing all the sonic goodies your guitar has to offer.

- einzigartiges 'LaGrange'-Design
- hochwertige sauerstoffreie Kupferadern (Reinheit von 99,95%)
- bleifreier, äußerst robuster Kabelmantel, überaus widerstandsfähig
- zusätzlicher konduktiver Plastikschirm
- besonders dickes Dielektrikum für beste Leiterisolierung
- geringstmögliche Mikrofonie
- überragende Signalübertragung und bahnbrechende Klangtreue
- extreme geringe Kapazität - 67 pF/m resp. 20 pF/ft
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