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Optima No.6 SCHT Saiten für Klassikgitarre

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Optima No.6 SCHT Classical Guitar Strings Special Silver / Carbon Trebles / High Tension

OPTIMA has behind old patterns and old materials and have simply invented the classical guitar string again. The bass strings, made of a completely new core material, wound with Optima's Special Silver wrapping, result in a string with an extremely fast response and a powerful tone that is sustainable and very rich in overtones, whereby the sound spectrum remains perfectly balanced. The set is completed with Optima's highly praised Natural Carbon treble strings. High Tension.


NO6.CHT1 e' 1 Natural Carbon
NO6.CHT2 b 2 Natural Carbon
NO6.CHT3 g 3 Natural Carbon
NO6.SHT4 d 4 Special Silver
NO6.SHT5 A 5 Special Silver
NO6.SHT6 E 6 Special Silver
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