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Neutrik Phone Jack NP2C BAG

Artikelnummer: 50410101

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Neutrik is the established world leader in the field of audio connector technology. Known for its rugged and compact design, ease of assembly, and reliability, Neutrik is our first choice in audio connectors for cable, snakes and panels.

Known as the "Lifetime Plug", Neutrik 1/4" Professional phone plugs are the standard by which all other 1/4" plugs are measured. Rugged construction, a unique chuck-style strain relief and easy assembly make these connectors second to none.

The NYS series of connectors from Neutrik give you the option of using Neutrik quality on a smaller budget. All metal construction and a slimmer profile make these connectors perfect for all permanent studio and sound installations.

Neutrik Connector features:
~ Worldwide standard for cable connectors
~ Reliable and rugged
~ Easy to assemble, simple to use
~ Excellent cable protection

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