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Music, sound and technology since 1973.

Hefele through the ages

With popular music becoming more and more popular in the 60s and 70s and music electronics getting better and better, the need for repairs grew quickly at the beginning of the seventies. Electronic organs, portable guitar amplifiers, guitars, loudspeakers, mixers and amplifiers urgently needed good service.

Company founder Franz Hefele (pictured with a Marshall JCM2000 tube amplifier, successor to the legendary JCM800) used his know-how to switch to the music business as a trained radio and television technician. Initially a one-man operation servicing other music stores as a man-for-all, the company quickly grew into its own music store based in Kempten (Allgäu), specialising in the sale and repair service of electronic musical instruments, with four technicians and ten employees at peak times.

And today?

When the first online shops appeared in 1999, the next generation also came to Musik Hefele: with junior boss Andreas Hefele, the online shop www.saitenmarkt.com was created, which still exists today, specialising in the sale of musician's strings and accessories and, translated into four languages, still serves satisfied customers all over Europe.

As in the entire music industry, the Corona situation has not left Musik Hefele unscathed. The fields of activity have changed, but have not become less: with the growing need for permanently installed loudspeakers for churches, schools, sports halls and for tourist facilities, a new market has developed over the past ten years or so, with a growing demand for audio electronics parallel to that of live musicians.

Musik Hefele - Keep on rockin' - since 1973!